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Your spine reflects
and conditions
the state of your mind
and your emotions.

To congruently
change your mind,
you must change your spine.

– Donald Epstein,
Developer of Network Spinal Analysis

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Meet Dr. Patrick Chonzena, a proud native of Snohomish with a deep commitment to the well-being of his community. Having grown up in Snohomish, Dr. Chonzena considers himself fortunate to both work and reside in the place he calls home. His vision of establishing a multidisciplinary clinic featuring skilled natural healthcare providers who collaborate for the collective benefit of the clinic and its patients has come to life through Snohomish Natural Health.

Dr. Chonzena’s approach goes beyond conventional spinal adjustments. Over time, he has crafted a unique perspective on Chiropractic care rooted in the original philosophy that emphasizes a holistic approach to healing. It is based on the original Chiropractic philosophy that states “Chiropractic philosophy gravitates toward a holistic (“total person”) approach to healing which combines elements of the mind, body and spirit and maintains that health depends on obedience to natural laws, and that deviation from such laws can result in illness. ”  

This holistic approach includes a blending of techniques including: Manual Chiropractic Manipulation, Network Spinal Analysis, Craniosacral TherapyVisceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Somato Respiratory Integration, myofascial release, mindfulness, and nutrition.  When you come in for a visit with Dr. Chonzena he will create a customized approach to your care based on your needs and goals.

At the core of his treatment philosophy is the belief that every thought gives rise to emotion, and holding onto emotions manifests as physical tension. This tension often transforms into pain, serving as a signal that something requires attention. By establishing a conscious connection between the mind, emotions, and structure, Dr. Chonzena fosters an environment conducive to a comprehensive self-experience and healing.

Dr. Chonzena is adept at assisting individuals with various conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, extremity problems, sports injuries, headaches, concussions, work injuries, car accident injuries, and issues affecting infants, children, and those experiencing chronic pain, digestive problems, pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as PTSD and stress-related symptoms.

Dr.  Chonzena has emerged as a regional authority in infant care, utilizing Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation to address a spectrum of challenges faced by newborns. His expertise extends to improving latch difficulties, alleviating birth trauma, addressing torticollis, and mitigating digestive problems in infants. Dr. Chonzena’s approach acknowledges the delicate nature of newborns and employs gentle and non-invasive techniques to promote optimal development and well-being. Through his compassionate and specialized care, he has become a trusted resource for families seeking effective solutions to enhance the health and comfort of their little ones.

For your convenience, Dr. Chonzena accepts insurance benefits from PIP, Workers Comp., Regence, Premera, Medicare, and First Choice. It’s important to note that not all available therapies are billable to insurance.

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