DR SAM LAVIS has always had an interest in peak performing in all aspects of life ranging from sports to academics to personal health. When he was a junior in high school he developed a vision issue that ultimately led him to functional medicine. Since this time, it has been his life passion to stay on top of the latest science and implement it in his own life to see what works and what doesn’t. He loves bringing what he has learned to his patients to positively impact their lives. You can bet that if he recommends something, he has probably done it himself!

Originally from Spokane, he did medical school at PNWU in Yakima, extensive training in functional medicine (aka root cause medicine) through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and residency at PeaceHealth in Vancouver, WA where he received his board certification in Family Medicine.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Lavis’s practice then please visit the website https://solutionsbydrsam.com/
To make an appointment email drsamlavis@gmail.com or call 509-954-4211.