KAREN CHONZENA originally from Hof, Germany, transitioned to the US in the ’70s, initially pursuing a career in finance before embracing the healing arts. Karen, happily married to Patrick Chonzena, resides in Snohomish, WA, where they’ve nurtured a blended family of four children. Now, as empty nesters, Karen and Patrick find joy and companionship in the delightful presence of Lucy, their cherished cockapoo.

Karen’s life’s work revolves around healing trauma, stepping into worthiness, and fostering deep, vulnerable, and intimate communication and connection. She has a profound love for relationships, and assisting others in theirs is truly her life’s work, inside and out. It is her honor to guide individuals and couples on their journey towards healing and connection. 

Karen is a seasoned massage therapist with over 18 years of experience. Known for her grounded expertise, she seamlessly integrates vibrational healing, energy medicine (including Spiritual Response Therapy and Multidimensional Self Work), Visceral Manipulation, and CranioSacral techniques within the framework of her relational life coaching practice.

In her ongoing pursuit of excellence, Karen is currently immersed in Relational Life Therapy training with Terry Real and holds certification from The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis. As a skilled guide in the intricate dance of relationships, she infuses her coaching with intuition on life and spirituality. Karen generously shares insights from her extensive experience, often laced with a touch of humor.

Complementing her coaching, Karen has dedicated fifteen years to the study of mindfulness, meditation, and somatic experiencing under the guidance of a revered teacher. Leveraging this profound training, she adeptly leads women’s circles and conducts mindfulness and meditation workshops. Karen has honed her craft over a decade alongside distinguished mentors and teachers. When coming in for an appointment with Karen you are stepping into a space where expertise meets a friendly, welcoming embrace, grounded in the commitment to healing and growth.

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