KAREN CHONZENA has practiced massage since graduating from Ashmead College with honors in 2004. She has also taken a wide range of continuing education classes in craniosacral therapy, somato emotional release, visceral manipulation, breathwork, meditation, shamanic healing, and the art of mindfulness. It has been through these courses, as well as a few “inspired” teachers, that she has honed her craft and reaffirmed her love of healing at the subtle energy levels as well as with bodywork. The culmination is her own system of healing called Soulular Therapy.

“It is my wish to help restore wholeness to body, mind and spirit through my practice. I often combine techniques to encourage client’s awareness of the innate ability to heal oneself, tapping into the power of intention with complete presence.

I have come to understand that we go through life carrying, and often burying, the burdens of past wounds. We forget that it is our birthright to experience love of self, grace and a lightness in our being. Many of us have survived trauma and go through life constricted by the responses embedded within us from those experiences. We can be aware of how impactful the events in our personal history have been, and work hard to heal those wounds. Yet often we find ourselves reacting to people and situations in ways that once again puts our life into a contracted state. Contraction equals pain. What we want to create is expansion which feels light, graceful and spacious.

We are magnificent beings who desire to be unconditionally loved, and by learning to accept this from ourselves, we find happiness, wholeness and vibrant health. It is my desire and wish for every client to experience the expansiveness of their ‘true’ self.

Each session is unique as spirit scripts what will best serve you at this time. Clients are often treated to toning (vibrational healing with sound), visceral manipulation, cranial sacral therapy, guided meditation and mindfulness practice. Whatever course we take, it will be a celebration of your magnificence as well as integration of this healing on the cellular level.”

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