At this time, Dr. Chonzena’s practice is open to new infants and pediatric patients. He is, however, temporarily closed to new adult patients. Please call the office at 360-568-3319 or schedule online. Thank you!

Karen Chonzena will be seeing clients via zoom video conferencing or in office. Please schedule your appointment online with Karen.

Dr. Sam Lavis, specializes in Osteopathic and Functional Medicine. To schedule, email or call 509-954-4211.

Welcome to our newest team member at Snohomish Natural Health, Dr. Kevin Herron, offering Direct Primary Care and Integrative Medicine. 

Massage Therapy can be booked online here.

At Snohomish Natural Health, our commitment to holistic well-being has been a guiding force since our establishment in 2005 by founders Patrick Chonzena, DC, and Karen Chonzena, LMP. Embracing the philosophy that no single approach can fully meet the diverse needs of our patients, we’ve curated an exceptional team of healers who work together seamlessly, fostering a culture of camaraderie and teamwork.

As you step into Snohomish Natural Health, you’ll immediately sense the warmth and genuine care that defines our space. Our mission extends beyond traditional healthcare—we aim to not only serve our practice members but also lead in our communities, promoting awareness and the expression of health and healing.

We view the journey to health as a collaborative venture between practitioner and practice member, respecting individual starting points and providing tailored education, service, and a safe space for personal growth. Regardless of age or background, we welcome all to join us in this shared exploration of well-being.

As a united team, we are dedicated to continuous growth and self-understanding, fostering an environment of altruism and cooperation. This commitment not only benefits our patients but also contributes positively to the wider community. At Snohomish Natural Health, we invite you to come grow with us—where health is a journey embraced together.offering 

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